Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend excitement and other such thoughts

This weekend was really fun!! On thursday night (Yes, I'm starting my weekend there), my fabulous freshman year roomate, Ally, and my amazing friend Nora had their synchronized swimming show. They were both AMAZING!!!!! The show was fun. John-John (ally's bf) was late (coughcough) but since he's a cop and had to work later, it's ok. It was great to see them, and the show was fun. Afterwards, we went across the street to beansprout for some late-night food.

Friday was fun. I spent the morning doing a case on abortion, and we only made it through the first of 7 points. hahahha. :P Then afterwards, I came home, took a nap, and did some homework and chores. I went with mom and dad to hear Wade Taylor speak...he basically reminds me of my granddaddy's best friend, John Arvelo. He's a fantastic speaker, and has some great theology.

I went to Meredith Saturday afternoon and picked up my friend Abigail, drove back to her house, and rode with all but 2 of her family members allll the way up to gorgeous VA and the Alexander's fantastic house!! They were having a barn dance, and it was so much fun! Meredith, your farm is PERFECT for that, and the loft was amazing for dancing. Though I must admit, the caller made things a tad complicated sometimes. :P BUT we did dance a few rounds of the Virginia Reel...I haven't danced that since I was knee-high to a grasshopper (ok, maybe not THAT small, but still), so it was a ton of fun. After an adventurous car ride home, I spent the night at Abigail's, and then went to church this morning. Afterwards I came home and yes, I did end up taking a much-needed nap...I figured the homework could wait. :)

The semester is starting to wind down...there's only 10 more days of actual school!!! I have several projects that need to be finished...yikes! I am very happy this semester is winding down...I need that month-long break. too many papers and stuff have been due this semester.

This next week will be slightly busy...I have poem recitations, papers, projects, and tests. And on friday, I have a photoshoot with the fabulous Christi Ann photography. I've known Christi since....we were 10 or so, so I am super excited. :)

I'm gonna leave y'all with my latest song addiction. This is "Things I Don't Understand" by Coldplay...they are fantastic, and the song is (fairly) true. Check it out. :) Later! Things I Don't Understand