Thursday, March 1, 2007


I'm sort of procrastinating right now...I'm supposed to be writing a Lit. essay, but I don't feel like it. :)

There's one place I wish I could be and a few people I wish I could be with right now. I want to be on "my" horse, feeling the cool wind in my hair as I go tearing across the fields on the farm. I want to feel Shy's power, and yet be able to sense her gentleness at the same time. I want to have my "sisters" riding with me. I dream of the summer, and going down to Sandy Creek, putting my feet into the crisp clean water, building forts with the gang, and of course going swimming in it. I can't wait to go over to Joe and Tina's and go swimming in their new pool.

The only thing that is missing from all this is my granddad. It's coming up on the eighth anniversary of his death, and I miss him so much. I'm the second oldest grandchild, but I'm the oldest girl, and so I was always "Papa's fine girl". I miss that. He used to save his loose change in this old glass jar of his. It would sit on his desk in his office in the house (he had 3 offices on the farm), and it would stay there until I could get all the pennies I wanted out of it. I can't help but wish he could be here to see how much things(and people) have changed. I know he'd be so proud that Tyler is graduating high school (in fact, he'd probably want a front row seat). I don't want to go through and name everyone, but I know he'd be so proud of all his "fine grandkids". I am thankful that I had him for nine years of my life.

Anyway, I will see many of you at the tournament tomorrow. :) I love all ya'll!