Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Romance, Summer, and Birthdays

Sarah and Mike's wedding was this weekend. Because my mom was directing the wedding, and I was assisting, I had the wonderful privilege of being able to witness the rehearsal as well as the wedding. They have the love story I dream of. They were friends long before a courtship ever began, so it began on the basis of friendship. Their first kiss was at the alter, and because of the intense love for God first, then each other, you know their marriage will last forever. Their love for each other is in fact a good example of what God's love for us must be like. Everything about the wedding was so relaxed. It all came off perfectly. I love the songs that were sung at the wedding...they all had such significance.

For me, it kind of hit home. Jess posted an entry on her blog that basically described what I was going to say here. So read her entry to get more details on what I'm not elaborating on here. :) But I have also struggled with singleness. If I had been born barely a hundred years ago, I would have been married by now. And if I had been born a hundred years before that, I'd probably have several kids by now. I'm 19...doesn't that mean I should be courted? When I was little, I used to dream that someone I've known forever would come in, sweep me off my feet, and then I'd end up being married as soon as I finished college. But going off to college was a shock for me in a lot of ways. The conversations with the girls often consisted of who everyone was dating, how far they've gone with their boyfriends or even ex's, who still had their v-card, and why everything you do is fine as long as you don't cross the border into sex "until you're ready". Even those who were Christians thought that sex before marriage was acceptable, provided that it was when you were in a serious commitment, such as being engaged.

After this experience, I realized how few people actually think the way we think. Few people are willing to wait for the right man we are supposed to marry. Few people are saving their all for their future partner. And few people, even, understand the concept of courtship. But I'm willing to wait. For the right man, for everything that I want to experience with him, and for the courtship process. God will provide the man at the right time. Granted, that doesn't mean I can just sit down and wait. I'm preparing my life for my future husband, by serving my family and those around me. And if you will all encourage me to do this, that would be amazing. :)

Onto summer. :) It's so weird not being in classes! I'm still not sure if I like it or not. I've missed having stuff to do, but it's true that I did need a downtime. After talking things over with my mom, I've decided that I'm not going to be swimming this summer, but I will be coming to the meets and stuff to cheer you guys on!! :) And I'll be spending 2 weeks in VA helping both of my grandmothers with their respective houses.

Speaking of which, today is Barbara's birthday!! She's always been the best grandma I could ever have wanted. This is her first birthday since Dan died, so I know things are really hard for her today. But she's so sweet, so I wanted to wish Barbara a happy, happy birthday!!! :)