Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random collection of thoughts

I'm not kidding you, this post is about the most random you will see. It's basically a list of things running through my head

1) I want to be in Montana.
2) Why do teachers always schedule due-dates on the same day?
3) Sundrop makes me happy
4) I love baking....not sure why. It's comforting.
5) I like driving when I'm in the car by's comforting
6) I unfortunately don't have time for this anymore
7) Pride and Prejudice should be a household staple
8) Disney music is the best music to write a paper to
9) There is way too much violence in movies...and having to watch them for school makes it worse
10) I miss being 8 and not having to do so much work
11) I enjoy school, except when I have this amount of homework,
12) God is amazing
13) Nothing else matters except what He wants for my life
14) Some things I will never understand, but I have to trust that God knows what's best
15) My life is NOT a Shakespearean tragedy.
16) I can't wait til I can have kids....I want a ton of them
17) I also just discovered Meredith has a harp department? Looks like I'll be taking that
18) The weather is gorgeous outside
19) I'm excited about cornhuskin' on friday
20) I have the best friends in the world.