Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How to Become the Perfect Guy in Every Christian Girl's Opinion

Be prepared in the near future for my wonderful best friend, Lizzie, and my book: How to Become the Perfect Guy in Every Christian Girl's Opinion. :) note: just a working title. :) If any of you (especially guys, but the girls are great, too) have any wonderful tidbits of advice to put into this, please feel free to pm me on the forum, ask for my email address, or leave me a comment on this!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007


Wow, so much has happened this week!! I'll try and briefly highlight it with some quotes/highlights from the week:

"Mr. Vogo, why you walkin' like a ticken?"
"Sam is Fallacy slinging!"
"Lose the notebook, and be your normal self, Daphne."
"What do you think about killing babies?"
"No, they choose a brief moment of pleasure."
"Cannibis is not as addicting as your morning coffee."
John sleepwalking
Moldy ice
"I broke my wrist running into a wall playing basketball."
"Can you define 'sexual abuse'?"
Vogo rapping
Some people not knowing the words to the national anthem
Windsor doing the teapot dance
Pain Conditioning
"Should we give the terrorists irradiated cannibis while force shaving them?"
"glue, glitter and shiny red apples"
"I bet they don't wash the lettuce"

There are sooo many others that I can't even begin to write down or remember.