Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My cousins

So according to Julie, my blogging assignment is to introduce you to my cousins, so you actually know who I'm referring to half the time. :P The first 9 are on my mom's side, and the last 3 are on my dad's side.

1: Tyler (18). Tyler is pretty much my big brother. He's been there for me for my entire life, protected me, watched out for me...he's even covered for me to keep me out of trouble (it didn't work, but still). Sure, we've had some arguments, but I will always cherish my relationship with Ty-Ty. Tyler's the first one of the cousins to go to college, and he's a happy freshman at UVA.

2: Brian (16). Brian is my wonderful, sweet autistic cousin. I absolutely love this boy, and if you ever think of making fun of him, you will no longer be considered my friend. I have before and will again beat anyone up who so much as considers picking on him. He's not always perfect, but he tries his hardest.

3: Richard (15). Richard and I have an interesting relationship. As much as he gets on my nerves a lot, I can't imagine life without this boisterous, crazy boy. There is no way I can ever get cocky when he's around, that's for sure. :) I can't wait to see your truck!

4: Matthew (15). Matthew is my favorite farm boy ever!!! He's been racing go-carts lately and is quite good at it! We've had many, many fun experiences together. He and his sister just got 2 adorable beagle puppies, Dixie and Daisy (both girls). They are sooooooo precious!

5: Emily (13). Finally, we come to one of the girls!!! :) Emily is really 12 (haha 'grandpa') (j/k) and totally rocks!! ;) I can't even explain most of our inside jokes, but among them are the boys in speedo's with six-packs, She's got that sparkle again, and there is a cute little asparagus, no? I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. She is also the best softball pitcher ever!!!

6: William (12)., this boy is awesome! He is always patient with me, even when I don't quite understand how to play Halo 3. :) My 1st marriage proposal came from him when I was 7 (don't tell him I told you that, though). His house is incredible, and Shadow dog is the cutest, sweetest dog ever!

7: Mary Katherine (12). Mary Katherine and I look sooo incredibly similar. In fact, people often confuse us for sisters. I'm not sure if we've been called twins yet, but since we are about the same height, I wouldn't be surprised. MK is a swimmer, and is also probably one of the smartest members of our cousinship.

8: Stuart (10). Stewie is the most imaginative and creative one of us. He is forever making up a story or "playing with his imagination". His dream in life is to grow up and become a movie producer. He is also the funniest one of us, in fact we are always laughing at Stuart's latest comments when we get together.

9: David (9). AH, and we come to the not-so-little baby of the family! David probably wouldn't appreciate me calling him that, but he's so sweet that I can't resist. Even though he's almost taller than me, he will forever be my little cuddle buddy. Plus, who can resist a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, handsome fellow? :)

Now to my Dad's side:

1: John (20 something) John's my sorta-half cousin. I haven't seen him since I was little, but he's still totally awesome and is aways included in my cousin lists. :P

2: Ariadne (2). Addie is my little sweetheart, who is pretty much like my baby sister. She's the cousin who lives the closest, and as a result, I get to babysit her at least once a week. She's soooo incredibly gorgeous, too!!

3: Cousin #3. My 3rd cousin, Addie's baby sister or brother, hasn't been born yet. He/she is due the week of my graduation, and will be welcomed with lots of hugs and kisses.

And there you have it. All of my 1st cousins. :P

Friday, November 2, 2007

I know, another quiz, but...

I said I had a quiz fetish...something about how much time it takes to fill out something so worthless is great. :P

About YOU:
Do you have a lot of friends? sure
Do you like your family? totally
What kind of music do you like? Pretty much everything except rap and hard rock
Would you ever run for president?
Is there a song lyric that you think reflects your life? "Miracle of the Moment"

Just Random
What color is your tooth brush? Green and white
Were you anti-boy bands back in the day? it really never mattered
What type of survey questions do you hate? dumb ones
Is there anything that you need to have all of the time? my cellphone, Bible, and computer.
What kind of shampoo do you use? I use several kinds.
Conditioner? See above.
Do you feel guilty easily? somewhat, yeah/
Do you constantly think someone is mad at you? Not unless I have a valid reason to think that.
Are you bossy? sometimes.
If your father was your age and not your father, would you be friends? um....we might be...he was apparently a little wild as a teen.
Are you involved in school activites? haha...does TCC count?
What's your family situation? huge Southern family.
What color shirt are you wearing? grey

When's the last time you..
Brushed your teeth? this morning.
Listened to a rap song? yesterday (while doing Crank That (soulja boy))
Listened to a rock song? today
Went out to eat? Chickfila on Halloween night.
Got a phone call? last night
Made a phone call? Yesterday just after physics class.
Skipped school? not intentionally...but according to Chad, missing class last week for vacation was as bad as skipping.
Felt guilty? This week.
Went swimming? July
Went shopping? last Sunday
Got a 100 on a test? Yesterday.
Were insulted? Two days ago.

Have you ever..
Smoked? no.
Drank? not really. I've had alcohol before, but never much.
Sworn? yeah...not totally proud of that...
Lied? yes.
Cheated? maybe on a test when I was little, but other than that, no.
Ran away from home? no.
Left a party/"get-together" because you felt uncomfortable? no.
Questioned your existence? not really...I like existence.
Been on a cruise ship? nope.

Where do you go to school? I am a proud home schooler. :P
School colors? overrated.
When do you have lunch? whenever
Who sits next to you in english class? Amanda
Do you take a foriegn language class? French 3
Do you hate school? no
Would/have you ever dropped out? no way.
Where's your locker? don't gots one
What's the best thing about school? learning..seriously, and friends
The worst? homework and stress (oh and drama...don't forget drama)

More Random Questions
Have you ever been insulted by a stranger? probably
Do you make plans around your TV schedule? no
What color is your alarm clock? purple (matches my room)
Do you enjoy cooking? yeah.
Have you ever tried to start a hot new phrase on your own? no...
Would you want to write a book? Totally!!!!
Do you think the 80s will come back? I hope the fashion doesn't.....

Have you ever seen Star Wars: Episode II? Yep.
Chicken Little? I have no idea.
Did Dodgeball have a point? never seen it.
What did you think of the ending of Coyote Ugly? never seen it.
Favorite movie sequel? Bourne Supremacy
Worst movie ever? Pirates trilogy...all of them.

MORE random questions!
Do you have a MySpace?! used to, but nope.
Online journal? yeah but I don't use it
Niece/nephew? do I have one? no
Do you have a cell phone? haha, ja
Do you know all the words to "American Pie? no....but a lot of 'em
Do you enjoy taking internet quizzes that tell you about your personality? if i feel like it
Do you know what a nimphophobiac is? nope.
Do you believe in God? yes. Definitely
What kind of dressing do you use for your salad? ranch or Italian !
Blue or black ink? black
Ever written a love note? don't think so...
Do you call people strange things? haha sometimes.
Do you go to church? yes
Did you have a kite as a kid?