Monday, February 23, 2009

Just a Girl Born in Dixie...

I'm sitting in Geo class and bored out of my wit, so I figured it was a good time to post a blog entry! :) Let's see, a lot's been going on lately. I've applied for transfer to UNCW and William and Mary. Why I want to leave is a little confusing, but basically I feel like Meredith isn't where I'm supposed to remain for 3 more years. I've changed my major as well. Now I'm an English and History major with a 9-12 education licensure. I really want to go to either Africa on the mercy ships or somewhere in Ireland on missions work when I graduate college. Either that or return back to the town my family was raised in and teach there.

There's been a lot of crazy drama going on around here at school lately. I've now realized why I hung around with only guys (except Jess, of course) for the first like 10 years of my life. Guys are sooooo much easier to be around all the time, and Meredith definitely doesn't have any guys around. haha. Classes this semester are rather boring and annoying. I know everything I'm learning...I wish there was a way to skip freshman level classes all together.

Spring Break is next week!!! Heck yeah!!! Haha. I'm excited about that one. Peter's coming up on Saturday, and we're hanging out then. On Monday, I'm heading up to Urbana, Virginia, to see barbara, who's like my other grandma. Urbana is on the rappahanock(sp) river, so I'm sure I'll be out in the boat that week. :) We just got back from a weekend in Virginia. It was Nana and Pawpaw kish's 50th wedding anniversary, and there were over 150 people there. I think it's so cool that a bunch of their friends could be there to celebrate.

I'm really wanting to make a beach run sometime soon. Anyone game for a roadtrip one weekend or something? :)