Saturday, October 3, 2009

Book Blogging project: suggestions?

So Jess, part of this post is your fault. :P After a discussion with jessica yesterday, I decided to go through my old journals and notebooks to see what I could discover. In the middle of one that I had back during my sophomore year in highschool, which was 4 years ago, I found a list. I think I had been inspired by Walk to Remember, and it was a list of life goals. About halfway down, there was one that made me think. It said "read 1000 books in a year." Well, I decided that for this "blogging project" of mine, I would read 365 books in a year, since that seems a TAD bit more realistic than 1000. Thus this post: Do any of you have any suggestions? I already know I want to read through all of C.S. Lewis's works and C.J. Mahaney's books. I'd like for these books to fall under books that I should read, not just books that are completely enjoyable reads. I want some of those, but I'd like the majority to be things that will be beneficial, if you catch my drift. I plan on beginning this project on October 8th, which is the day we begin our fall break. Granted, I am aware that I won't have a completely formulated list of books by then, but I'd like to at least have my first 50 books or so listed out. I'll probably start a separate blog for this project, but for now i'm posting this on my main one. And for my Facebook friends who are curious, my blog is :)


Euphreana said...

Watership Down, by Richard Adams.
I just finished it myself (after getting hooked and finishing the second half of the book in a day,) so I'll be quick
It is more of an 'enjoyable read' than a 'should read', though it does discuss government and leadership.

I'd also suggest 'The Time Machine' by HG Wells, if you haven't read it yet (although, eheh, I know most homeschoolers have, although I hadn't until recently)

Can't wait to see what all you come up with; I'm trying to read more myself as well. :)