Thursday, August 27, 2009

To give?

It's taken me until now to understand a principle that an old tcc friend of mine mentioned years ago. It comes down to the principle of giving selflessly. There's a homeless lady who begs on the exit I take every single day going to school. I've passed her countless times, without ever thinking another thought. Yet the last few days, I've been thinking, "What if I were in her shoes?" I felt God was saying that even a gesture can mean more to her than anything, and I needed to trust Him. When I went to hand her something this morning, she looked at me and replied "Thank you, baby, God bless you." Why is it that I've never seen an atheist beggar? They all say God bless you.

I know the average person would say that they're just using it for drugs/booze whatever. But by trusting the person to use the money worthwhile, I feel like you're giving them more than just money. You're giving them your trust, which is worth far more than any gift you could give them. They might spend the money using other things, but that's their responsibility. I am called, as a Christian, to selflessly serve those around me.

Now that doesn't just include giving 5 bucks to the person on the street or whatever. I feel like it also includes volunteer to soup kitchens and the like. Look at the beauty of Mother Teresa. She's so renowned because she spent her entire life giving selflessly, not caring about what she was facing, or whether the people she was serving were deserving of her time and energy. She just gave, which is what I feel like God calls us to do as Christians.