Saturday, August 22, 2009

I dreamed myself thousand times around the world...

I got on here to write something unrelated to this, but I feel like I need this entry, so I'm posting it, even though it started out as a weird rant. I've got a wide variety of friends, all with different characteristics. But the one thing that they all have in common that I don't with them is this: They aren't going to college, and I am. Now, I'm not going to argue that college is the only way to go. Nor am I going to argue that they are wrong, because I don't believe they are. I do, however, find myself wondering sometimes, whether or not I actually fit in. The life I've chosen is different. Sure, I'm getting a licensure to teach, which isn't like I'm leaving the area or anything extremely drastic. But I sometimes feel like I am one in a million when it comes to my friends. They talk about sleepovers, parties, swim team, and having fun, and I'm stuck inside, reviewing movies for Dr. English, doing stats homework for Dr. Johnson, reading chapters of info for Dr. Martinson, or typing up a case brief for Dr. Frazier. Now, I enjoy every single one of these things, though admittedly, not all at once. I have a love for learning, and I love every class I have ever had (even the ones I complain about at the time). But I hate how, once the school year starts, I feel like I am no longer a part of my circle of friends, because I don't have the time to goof off like I do during the summer. I know I'll continue to see them, whenever possible, but it's not the same during the school year, because I have a totally different set of responsibilities to handle. And I know it's probably me overreacting, but I can't help but wonder sometimes what my life would have been like had I not chosen to further my education....

Now onto homework loads this month...yeah, I think this semester is going to murder me. I'm taking 18 hours, which seemed easy, until I started the classes. THey're all writing intensive classes, so I'm going to be writing at least 4 essays a week. At least. and 8 or so case briefs per stuff. I do, however, love my classes and my professors, so maybe that will make the load a little more fun and easier to accomplish.

And finally, Anna and I have this ingenious idea of a road race across country. More on that later. :P


Anna said...

Allie, It was great to see you on Sunday! The road tip idea would be SO fun!!:)

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