Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life's like an hourglass glued to the table

ok, the much awaited semester long post!!! haha

August: We moved onto Meredith's campus August 16th. The first week was a lot like summer camp. For my TCC friends, take CWIS and remove the bills and you have orientation for us. I met a lot of my friends at school that weekend. Maybe right here would be a good time to describe them. At the end of the hall, on my side of the dorm, is Kristie and Jelly (not her real name, but we can't pronounce it). Kristie's from Southport, and his 2 beautiful nieces. Jelly lives here, but is from mexico. Their suitemate's names are Ashley and Rachael. Rachael's dad is in the military, and for Christmas we all mailed him cards. Ash is our disney princess. :) Next to them is my suite, and my suitemate's are Logan and Mary Katheryn. Logan is a duke fan, MK is a Carolina fan....imagine how their room is. haha. Across the hall from Jelly and Kristie's room is Michelle and Meghan's room. Meghan is also a duke fan. Michelle is our other disney princess. :) Next to them is Ann and Emily....we don't talk to them much. Next to them is Malena and Jessie. THey're our soccer girls. Their suitemate is Naam. Naam is from Saudi-Arabia. She can be a Saudi princess someday. Down the hall is Mar. She's from Ethiopia. At the other end of the hall is Olivia-Paige Izze. And Izze is a model, who will one day be miss America. In the other dorms, there's tracey, she's an amazingly gorgeous girl. And Nora. Her dad's a hippie. :) And that's about most of my really good friends there.

After orientation was over, we started classes. Classes were...a pain, to put it mildly. I struggled at first, not with the classes as you might think, but with the differences in highschool. I realized that Meredith wasn't what I needed in a school. As odd as it is, I missed boys. Not because I'm boy crazy, but because the dynamics are SO different when you have guys around. There's a lot of girl drama, and I hate it. And there's a lot of other stuff. But ANYWAYS. I made it through the month. About this time was when I found out a friend of mine passed away from a swimming accident. That was really hard.

September: Nothing THAT big happened this month. I went camping with my roommate for labor day, which was awesome!! I had to drop 1 class. That was a bummer, but it's all good. I got to see a soccer game with Ally this month, that Malena and Jessie were playing in.

October: Ok. Another relatively dead month. classes were dragging on. I had midterms, which were all not too scary. I was starting to get the hang of school about this time. Softball ended for me, which was sad. I loved that. We went out for Halloween to Malena's Big Sis's house. October was also cornhusking month, so we had that going on. If you don't know what it is, you just have to experience it. hahaha. Um, I went to southport to see Kristie.

I'm going to cover November and december in another post. hahaha. :)


Natalie said...

Not because I'm boy crazy, but because the dynamics are SO different when you have guys around. There's a lot of girl drama, and I hate it.

Yep...I could never stand going to an all girl school. There have to be some guys to break up the girl drama...not that it won't still be there, but you can get some relief. :D

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