Friday, January 16, 2009

muses on life.

Ok, this isn't my work at all, but I'm copying this. My friend Ben wrote this this past semester (he goes to campbell), and I figured it was perfect to post before I write my next blog entry (which might have something to do with it. haha) Anyways, enjoy!!!

life is only enjoyable if you love it. Even when its hard. Love it. Enjoy all that you do and take chances. Life is driving up 8 floors of a parking deck just to look out at the ocean. Life is going to Harris Teeter and buying just a kiwi, a can of mandarin oranges, and sparkling grape juice and then going through the self check out just because you want a few laughs. Laugh. Laugh till you die. The shortest distance to someone else is laughter. Remember that. Make a joke. Even if its not funny. Laugh sincerely not mockingly. Love life. Life is not buying a spoon to eat the mandarin oranges and then making due with what you have...even if its a toothbrush...Life is jumping over trashcans...taking the chance it will fall. Life is getting away from the city lights and laying on the beach and figuring out astronomy. Life is hitting traffic is having the heat on and windows rolled is twislers at 11 if going into a Scotchman at 2am and simply buying fingernail clippers and meeting the is making that cashiers night by talking with her...asking her how she is being willing to go crazy, and simply not care, because if people look at you, they will either be smiling, or too cool to have a good time. Life is screaming "i feel like a woman" while driving in the car windows rolled down. life is making friends with those that you would never expect you'd be friends with. life is being random. Smiles. They cutest thing on any girl is there smile. It shows they know how to have a good time. Life is barefoot. life is not looking in the mirrors. Life is buying random people random food at is going to mcdonalds and ordering a cup of m& is experimenting with wisdom. life is knowing when something is needed. life is opening doors for the ladies. life is always working on being the better person. Life is being someone that people enjoy spending time with, simply because they never know what theyll get. life is fast. catch it. dont let it go bye you...a persons biggest fear should be that they fail to love their life. Smile. Make a joke. Stay strong. Dont let bad days put you in a mood. Shake it off and know that its not worth wasting precious moments of such a great life, on sadness. To feel new things you must be willing to try new things. Over excitement can only lead to a good time. show your emotions. begin to notice and wonder at the smallest and most wierdest things of Creation. Life is looking at a streetlight from the hood of your car and spending minutes wondering why the light seems brighter in one place than isnt the denial of mistakes, but the promise that mistakes will teach you new and better things. Life is making petty bets with your buddies, life is buying flowers for any body thats had a bad day. life is not always making good decisions but enjoying the bad decisions also. Count your blessings. Always look on the brighter side, cause there always is...I promise. Life is written on cheap napkins, on tape, on skin...on anything that is available when great ideas come to is about loving it. Life is writing a long profile thingy just to convey to others who havent thought of it this is amazing..... live it out. throw it down