Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ocean Breeze

So this poem (written while sitting here at work a month ago or so) started out differently than it ended up. Halfway through writing it, something happened that changed my mood from a happy mood to a sad, reflective one. The title so doesn't fit the way it ended up, but oh well.

The wind is gently caressing her hair
As she slowly ambles along the way
Acting as if she had not a care
And as though today were the calmest day.

She feels the sand squish between her toes
As a cool misty spray covers her face
It is at that moment that she knows
The moon above has turned to lace.

A young woman on a midnight stroll
Is the observation of many there
But as she watches the mighty seas roll,
It is clearly a meaningful affair

The ocean reminds her of days past
And memories that could not last


Jessica said...

I like it! And yes, as you may know I can relate to that whole "poem moods changing because of long breaks I take in writing them" ordeal.

Necia said...

Keep up the good work.