Monday, February 4, 2008


So the Superbowl made me happy. The Pats didn't go undefeated. The Giants won. The Giants sacked Brady so many times, it was amazing. That Eli Manning is one incredibly awesome QB. That play where he got away from a sack and threw that pass was aboslutely jaw-dropping.

The commercials weren't so hot, but neither were they horrible. I really liked the talking baby ones, Shaq as a jockey, the fed-ex carrier pigeons one, and the Rocky-themed Bud Light commercial. I'm sure there were other good ones, I just can't remember them.


Jessica said...

I'd have to agree with you on the whole kinda-suckish Superbowl commercials. I was immensely dissappointed (sp? I can't spell in the morning). And I thought the half time show was short, but maybe that's because Tom Petty isn't unbearable to watch, unlike the past two performers, Prince and Mick Jaggar (from the Rolling Stones). Hope you're feeling better today!