Sunday, September 30, 2007

Random CWIS quotes

So I'm going through my CWIS notes trying to clean up some stuff, and I found a TON of CWIS quotes. These are pretty awesome, and by far the most random in the history of CWIS. Brianna, you are probably the only one that will get most of these....since most of them came from the infamous press conference and our notes. :P

"My brain hurts!"
"Was Scooter Libby convicted?" "I don't know...was he?" "I'm asking you: Was he? "Was he?" "That's right, was he?" "Was he?" "Was he or was he not?" "Um......" "It's not that hard...yes, no, or maybe!!"
"God bless the Aide-De-Camps!!"
"I am so confused"
"I was going to say 'so far, so good', but...."
"Graham's Jeopardy music set an appropriate setting for the evening."
"How long have we been here?" "Forever and Always!"
"Senator three under par"
"What part of this bill DO you oppose?" "Huh?"
"Kids are interested in medicine???"
"It's non-permanent."
"Does that include body waxing?" "Oh gosh, no!"
"One of us is a senator from Texas." "Thanks for clarifying that."
"I actually haven't said this yet."
"You could practically go out and find it on the street!" "Have you ever done that?" "Um...yeah."
"It's not as addicting as your morning coffee!"
""Would you let terrorists smoke only irradiated marijuana?" "Um..." "While being forced shaved?"
"Not in the case of the Danes, the Swedes, the British, the..."
"Are you a rogue CIA agent?"
"We are going to die"
"It'll be a little problem"
"What on earth?? That is so dumb and rude! 2 hours before the mock they are taking the best people and forming a super-caucus??? What was that?!?!??!?"
"We need to come together!" "Diversity, man!"
"He's hot...wait, that TOTALLY came out wrong..."
"Undying/Unrequited love"
"What the heck does Ben have in his mouth?" "It looks like a battery..." "Yeah. Stupid! My first thought was 'cigar?'" "Or he's over there smoking cannabis" "lol...and you can find it on the street." "'s a pen cap!" "Ok, now I feel dumb!"
"I asked him if he was looney."
"even if they are tortured and returned to their own country after the torture.." "Is that possible?"
"Joel needs to shave"
"and he thinks I'M random???"
"If they are willing to kill, why would losing a finger matter?"
"It's a rip-off."
"What exactly IS bio-piracy?"
"I have free speech!!"
"Are you cold or is it just us? "Kinda sorta." "In other words, it's just us." "Fosho" "Wow...I didn't realize you were so gangsta!" "Gangsta?" "Wow..."
"Human sniffing-dogs or human-sniffing dogs?"
"How is this enforced? "Wonderful face." "A wonderful face enforces it?" "No comment." "That's technically a comment." "No comment on that, either." "We have really lame conversations..."
"The girls were great. The guys...pathetic."
"I hate my camera!"
"Maybe the thunder was caused by Austin's communication with his aliens... :)"
"What happened to 30 seconds?"
"Thank you, and I would strongly urge you to vote for this bill." "...That was incredibly awesome"
"We commend you, Amanda!"
"Mom: 'So, what did you do at camp?" "Tyler: 'I did extensive research on torture!"
"Bill Nine, the Science guy"
And of course, no CWIS quote list would be complete without the "What about 6 o'clock?" - "Oh! that's the torture bill.....zzzzzzzz"


Peter Calamy said...

Thanks for posting these! They definitely had me laughing!

Sharon said...

wow....i certainly have a few (hundred) favorites. Most of them I said, you said, or Kyle said....and I remember every conversation, and it makes me laugh harder.