Saturday, September 29, 2007


Ok, I have a question for y'all: How do you deal with a 15 year old who cusses like nothing else? Particularly a 15 year old male that's about twice my size. One of my cousins has been cussing for awhile (and I'm not talking about occasionally and only 'light' cuss words, I'm talking about whenever his parents aren't around to hear it and serious foul language) and his sister asked that I speak to him about it. Thoughts?


Stephanie said...

Well, first, I understand your dillema. There's a guy in my classes at school who uses very strong language. I haven't decided if and when to say something to him about it, because I just met him when classes started; I don't really know him at all...

Second, I have a question for you. Why has his sister asked you to deal with this problem? I'm not trying to sound mean or anything, but I'm genuinely wondering this: If she has such a problem with her brother's choice of words, why doesn't she ask him to stop herself?

Finally, I suppose my advice (not knowing your cousin, or how well you know him, or anything else) would be- next time he is cussing and you hear him, say something to him about it. Tell him what you think about it (it offends you, it makes you not want to be around him, whatever is true). However, I wouldn't mention that his sister has asked you to talk to him about it. If she takes issue with something her brother does, she needs to take that up with him herself, not pull you into the middle of potential family tensions.

I hope this helps some, and I'm praying for you to have wisdom!

Allie said...

She's 11, and is honestly scared of her brother and what he could do to her if he found out that she knows or if she tells her parents. I don't honestly think he would do anything that bad, but I have seen them fight, and it quickly can turn a little violent. To be completely honest, my cousin can scare me, but that's not because he's really violent, but because I know I couldn't stop him should an argument turn that way. Like I said, he's about twice my size.

Stephanie said...

Oh, I see. I was thinking she was older than that. (though I don't know why...)

One thing I would definitely suggest, that I forgot to mention first, is talk to your parents about this. You've probably already thought of that, but I just want to be sure. :)

Sophie said...

And maybe, after talking with your parents, you can talk to his parents. Not to "tattle-tale" but to say you have genuine concerns about your cousin that you'd like to bring to their attention.

I pray for you to have wisdom.