Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Country Girl

My favorite place in the world to be is on the farm. I don't know what it is about the farm, but it brings out a side in me that very few people outside my family have seen. It's incredibly freeing to not have to worry about spending hours in the morning getting ready, since there's no one around to notice whether I'm wearing makeup or whether my hair has been brushed that day. I can just be myself out on the farm.

There are still parts of the farm that I have never been on (which makes sense considering that it's 1000 acres). I do have my favorite spots, though. I love going down to Sandy Creek and building dams, or just putting my feet into it. The stoop behind the old hog pen is a great place to sit and have conversations with the girls. There's the traditional bonfire area near road to the right of the house, the trampoline from the 70's that is still holding together, the tire swing that only David and Stuart can fit into now, the big magnolia in the front yard that used to be as close as we were allowed to the road. The hunting is just as great around there. There are so many places to go, and just about every type of game you want. I enjoy going deer spotting at twilight. They tend to hang around the creeks and streams.

The best season up there is the fall. There is so much going on. It's dove season there, so there are always tons of birds and hunters around the place. The crops are being harvested, which is always a blast. The farm is beautiful during the fall. Honestly, there is nowhere I would rather be than on the farm. If any of you ever get to come visit, I'll have to make sure you experience some of the wonderful things. :)


Stephanie said...

I have sometimes longed to live on a farm...

michelle said...

I've always wanted to live on a farm....sounds so beautiful and free!