Sunday, April 8, 2007


So right now, I am soooo incredibly happy! These last two weeks have been so wonderful. I spent the last weekend in March at Grandma's. We went up there "American Big Band," which was a concert/theatrical production of the Big Band era. The show was SOOOO much fun! I LOVE that music, so I totally enjoyed it.

We spent Saturday night after the show with my grandma. I have always called her house a farmhouse, being as she lives on 1000 acres of farmland in VA. However, I was informed by my mom today that she doesn't live in a farmhouse. Therefore, I shall resort to using the term given her farm by my city's local paper, "an antebellum plantation." Anyway, farmhouse, plantation or otherwise, my parents and I stayed there on Saturday night. We had all gotten showers, and grandma, mom, and I were sitting in her little den talking. By this time, it was probably 11:45. I look over at the couch my mother is sitting on, and see this little "thing" come bouncing out from behind it. Naturally, I start screaming for Daddy to come and dispose of whatever I saw. Daddy comes downstairs, wondering why in the world I am screaming my head off. He looks in the corner of the room and discovers a mouse. We set mouse traps, but never did manage to catch the thing.

Then on Sunday, Mom wanted me to go get the clothes out of my grandma's drier, which is located in a damp basement. I went down, put the clothes in a clothes basket, and came back upstairs. I was walking down the stairs for the 3rd time to put the laundry basket back down, when I hit this pipe. I reached out to steady the pipe (no, I didn't break it) and happened to glance down. There was a foot-long copperhead snake that was hanging off of the ledge, that could have bit me 3 times, maybe more! Yet again, I called for Daddy, who came to the rescue. Did I ever say how wonderful Dad's are??? :)

That part wasn't sooo wonderful, but I did get to spend some time with my cousin, Emily, and "our" horses, Shy and Stevie. Note: I say ours, in reality, Stevie is more my cousins, and Shy is more mine.

The Monday and Tuesday following this little mis-adventure, I was downtown at the General Assembly building. It's always so much fun to be downtown. Then Friday, I went BACK downtown to the history museum in order to attend Trinity Academy's "Much Ado About Nothing." I got to spend time with my friends Lizzie and Sarah and their mom, as well as get to see some of my friends in the show. Saturday, my Aunt Martha was here, along with my cousin, Brian, for a swim meet. It was great to get to see them, as I don't get to see the two of them a lot. Though I must admit, I could have done without Aunt Martha's constant lectures on the necessity of me driving every day and the fact that I never could get into W&M, whereas my wonderful, 8-month-older cousin could have if he had wanted to. :)

Finally, this week was spring break for everything but civics/debate. That was....interesting, to say the least. I'm not usually accustomed to getting asked out by the line, "So, are you married?" :) (in case you are wondering, I did turn the guy down.:))Other than that, I've enjoyed not having any deadlines this week. :)

Well, Mom and I are about to go out and $hop!!! :) Happy Easter, y'all!


Sophie said...

I always wanted to see an antebellum plantation. They are almost a thing of the past you know, at least ones that are lived in. I have a curious desire to know things of the past, to experience them. The Old South, pirates, medieval knights, Western ranches, first churches, old log cabins, these old my fascination. I guess that's why I like Washington D.C. Old isn't always better or more interesting, but it usually does capture my imagination.

Sophie said...

OK - these old my fascination that is totally supposed to say these HOLD my fascination. oops. *blush*

Allie said...

I knew what you meant. :P

Whenever you come over next time, I'll show you an aerial view of the farm. It was done around the time my mom got married.

If you REALLY want to see and antebellum plantation, you should see my Aunt Mary and Uncle Charles' house. They purchased Joe Brook (which is dutch (I believe) for little river), which was built by the man who built Tuckahoe, where Thomas Jefferson went to school and spent part of his early life. They added two wings onto it, still staying in the 1700 style, and it's now about 9000 square feet. It is INCREDIBLE!! All the windows are large enough to sit in, it has all wood flooring, the original(but stabilized) staircase is still there, and my aunt even has plans to construct a garden in the 1700 style

Sophie said...