Monday, April 30, 2007

Sitting on the dock of the bay

I spent a wonderful weekend at a gorgeous location. It was my aunt's 50th birthday, and all the ladies in the family (the three girl cousins included) went to my uncles parents lakehouse for the weekend. Mom, Mema, and I got to the house on friday and ended up having to wait an hour or so for the rest of the fam, but that was ok, because I got to relax on the dock swing with a good book. :) That night, we went to see "Smoke on the Mountain" at some local theatre. It was an ok play, it just wasn't my favorite. (Not to mention that I had just seen High School Musical at Memorial and then CYT's Le Fantome de l'Opera the day before (which, btw, was an excellent play and made me sad that I wasn't in CYT anymore)) We didn't end up getting to bed until 1:00ish.

On Saturday Emily, MK, and myself decided to brave the risk of hypothermia. We put on our swim suits and waltzed out to the dock. We stopped on the way down there to get the Super Mable, which is a three person inner tube raft thing. We tied it to the dock and climbed on it so that we could attempt to get a tan before getting in the water. I happened to get into the water in a rather, um, unconventional method. Mk got off onto the dock first, then Emily and I both went to get off at the same time. Unfortuately, she got off a fraction of a second before I did, causing the supermable to flip, which then caused me to go head over heals into the lake. I came up shaking from the coldness, but less than 2 hours later, all three of us were in the water.

As we were all out there, we saw an old friend, Hall, drive up in his boat. We then hooked Mable up to the new speedboat and we all went over to their house for a while. Out of Hall and Molly's 3 sons, only Harry (the 9th grader) was there.

That night, we attended a four tops concert. That was interesting. Only one of the tops, the Duke, is still in the group. The other 3 members are newbies. They did a good job, I just didn't know a lot of the songs. Aunt Alice, Aunt Mary, mk and I went to Starbucks to get coffee afterwards.

I have SAT's on saturday. I'm a little stressed about the math section. It's the only one that I still consistently have a low score on.


lovetheunlovely said...

I'm going to look at William and Mary too! I'm excited.

julie said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous time. I wish I had gone to Phantom--everyone says it was amazing.

I don't like the math section either. You will be in my prayers as you prep and test :)

TBT said...

I saw the Four Tops open for the Beach Boys one time. It was...different from the original stuff.