Thursday, December 21, 2006

I just discovered that only one other person in the USA has my name! I find that rather fascinating. :)
LogoThere is:
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


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Actually, I checked out the website... It IS cool, but not exactly accurate. When it says that, it says, there is one person in the U.S.A. with that name. Well, if you look closer you'll see that YOU would be the one person in the U.S. who has that name. My last name, Cavari, says that it ISN'T a name and that there are NO people in the U.S.A. with that name. Well, I know that's not true, because that's my name. Also, there is a section that says this:

"Does the program really know how many people have the same name as me?

No. The program returns an estimate based on available data. It should be considered a "ballpark figure". It will usually return an answer in the right general area, but the chances of the figure being exactly right are very low.

I pasted it from the site. :) just thought I'd let you kmow. (If you want to find this part of the website, go to where you went first, and type in my name. Charity Cavari, then click on WHAT DOES THIS MEAN then it'll come up.

God Bless,Charity

P.S. Really good find though. :) I think it's really cool

Brianna said...

Allie, you haven't posted in a while.
BTW, i liked that link, and added it to my site. I think I had like, 147 people with my name. :)

Emily Robinson said...

Hey that thing is pretty cool!!! i had like 727 people named Emily Robinson!! hey I have no idea what this thing is what I am talking on but oh well I'm only 13!!! not 12!!! lol Hey who ever is reading this Allison is a POKER Champ!!! Oh yeah she won against like 8 people playing poker!!! she took the table!!!! she beat Richard, Tyler, Matthew, her dad, Stacy, and even Uncle Whane!!!! lol well Allison your awsome!!! lol

your crazy cuz from Skippers!!!
Emily R.

Allie said...

Let's not forget that Andrew and William were also playing. :)