Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tales of the Kingdom memories

~The Green Dragons and their attempt to eat the Knights of the Pink Table.
~The Barely Blue Banners winning
~The duck walk
~A.C, Me, Taylor, and Justus doing the death crawl
~Army crawls (why is this starting to sound like military camp??)
~Shaky beds
~Josh falling asleep on stage during the show
~Taylor discovering he had 4 costume changes in the same scene
~Love Game and Josh's variations of it
~A.C.'s birthday
~Firemen trying the locked door while Alex had a boxcutter and I had an axe
~Setting up headquarters in the kitchen
~"Angus Barn, Goodberry's, Coup!"
~Josh's ever present headset comments. Let's just leave it at that.
~Tim's long breaks
~Sam's music
~Sweet tea
~Rocking out while working on set
~Learning how to Greek Dance
~Everyone's methods of de-stressing
~"Alex and Allie are making out!" "Can you guys stop laughing backstage?" (not really, had to put this one on here for Josh's benefit)
~"WTF are you doing?????" Alex's moment of losing it.
~Tim's That's What She Said jokes
~Josh's mouse
~Jake's slightly off color jokes
~The sacred flames
~Michael's costume being lost
~Not being able to find A.C. ;)
~How fast can we eat?
~Almost falling asleep while striking sets
~Our few moments of facebook time
~Wondering who had seen the scene we were running
~Josh getting hurt (even though that's a sad memory)
~The boys "breaking" flowers for the fans
~Kaitlin and I spinning around
~Josh's awesome light tossing
~Mollie, Josh, Alex, and I and the pail. ;)
~Goodberry's certificates