Sunday, June 10, 2007

Conferences, colleges, and cats.

This weekend I was up in Virginia at the homeschool convention. That was pretty fun. the Home4school store had a booth there, so I got to hang out with Brianna, which is always fun. :) I arrived at my aunt's 1700 style "plantation" (it was built by the man who built Tuckahoe, and my aunt and uncle added on two wings) on Thursday afternoon. Mary Katherine and William immediately introduced me to the newest temporary residents of Joe Brooke: 3 stray kittens they found in the barn. There were 2 black ones and a gray kitty. Aunt Mary guessed they were maybe 2 weeks old, and we think the mother may have abandoned them. At any rate, they were sooooooo sweet!! The only bad thing was that they hadn't been de-clawed, so I now have scratches all over. They think they have found a home for the gray kitty (which MK kinda took under her wing).

On Friday, we went to the conference. The best session (to me, anyways) was a college panel session. They had invited admissions counselors from ODU, University of Richmond, Patrick Henry, Regent, and the VA community colleges to come answer questions for 1 hour. Since U of R is one of the colleges I have been considering, it was great to get to hear what the counselor had to say. I got to talk to her afterwards, got some info about the school, and she gave me her card.

We had invited Brianna to come back with us and eat dinner at Aunt Mary's that night, but she wasn't feeling so great, and decided not to go. That was probably a good thing, because if she had she would have ended up spending the night with us. We had a really bad storm that night. I think the power went on and off at least 6 times, but the house has a backup generator, so it only went completely off twice. Aunt Alice and MK had come for dinner and to watch Johnny Kapahala, and they had to wait until the storm was over to go home. We stayed up until 12:30 and watched "The Pursuit of Happyness" (misspelled on purpose).

On Saturday, we went back to the convention until 2:00. Bri and I had so much fun playing certain jokes on Vogel (who deserved them. :)) Then Mom and I drove to my grandma's, where I got to see my horse, and hang out with Emily for an hour.