Saturday, February 17, 2007


Did I ever say that school defines my life? Well, it certainly is defining it right now. I have to write 3 more 6-minute speeches, finish typing one up and get it posted in a week. I also have two 1500 word essays due by the 1st week in March. On top of that, I have to finish our reading assignment by Monday, do my lab write-up by Wednesday, and then start studying for an Anatomy test. Oh yeah, and I should probably study for SATs!!!

Emily, thanks soo much for getting me started on the Agatha Christie books!! I am living the world of mystery and crime currently.

Off to be buried under a mass of homework. :)


Luke Custer said...

Allison? Hey! when i first saw someone named Allie had posted on my blog i had no idea who it could be. so how's it going?

lovetheunlovely said...

thank you for your prayers! You are such a sweet person and I'm glad your coming on Friday so i can get to know you a little better.

I will pray that you school work doesn't "define your life." It sure is a struggle....